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Free Classes For Enhancing your JAVA programming skills

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This blog contains some links which are targeted for some courses by learning them you can enhance your programming skills.. and here you don’t need to be expert these will give you all necessary skills as a beginner… so go ahead!!!


Java Tutorial for complete beginners 

Java for beginners : A easy course on Java

Java Basics: Learn to Code the Right Way

Learn Java Programming From Scratch

JAVA from Learners TV

JAVA from LearnsTV


Object Oriented Programming in Java

JAVA from

Up and Running with Java Applications

Java Essential Training

More Tutorials (Not Video)



The contents are not mine i am just providing links for the existing contents


Poster Making!

Hello everyone!!

Below is the link to file which contains Names for the poster Making activity.

Please find the name by clicking below link.

Completed assignments must be mailed to

Subject field of the mail must be the Topic name.

Click here to download the file —- Name list



Questions !!

Filters Using Regular Expressions

  1. Define grep. what are the options available in grep? give examples for each.
  2. What is BRE? what are the wild-cards available in BRE, Give example for each.
  3. Define following with an example
    1. ^
    2. $
    3. +
    4. ?
  4. Write a short note on multiple pattern matching.
  5. Explain sed- The Stream EDitor.
  6. write a short note on:
    1. IRE
    2. TRE


  1. What is PERL? Write a simple program in Perl script to convert temperature from degree to Fahrenheit.
  2. Write a short note on strings in PERL.
  3. Define following
    1. $_
    2. <>
    3. @
    4. @_
  4. How to creation and manipulation of arrays can be done in Perl, explain with program.
  5. Explain following functions in Perl
    1. shift
    2. unshift()
    3. push()
    4. pop()
    5. join()
    6. splice()
  6. Write a PERL program to convert decimal number to binary.
  7. With examples explain the usage of regular expression in PERL.
  8. Write a short note on file handling in PERL

Click here to download PDF

Plagiarism, Patchwriting and the Race and Gender Hierarchy of Online Idea Theft

judgmental observer

Several months ago I published a 2-partguide to the academic job market right here on my blog (for free!!!!!!!!!!), as a way to help other academics explain this bizarre, yearly ritual to family and friends. Indeed, several readers told me that the posts really *did* help them talk to their loved ones about the academic job market (talking about it is the first step!). Yes, I’m working miracles here, folks.  And then, this happened:
“A few months ago, as I was sitting down to my morning coffee, several friends – all from very different circles of my life – sent me a link to an article, accompanied by some variation of the question: “Didn’t you already write this?” The article in question had just been published on a popular online publication, one that I read and link to regularly, and has close to 8 million readers.
Usually, when I read…

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Hi Everyone, This post contains UNIX SYSTEM PROGRAMMING LAB MANUAL.

The Programs in this new manual are little bit modified and they tailored for your needs, and the manual also contented with the VIVA questions (Probable).

Click here to Download….!!

Please Leave Comments regarding (if) any Errors in Program…(if you think anything is ambiguous or unnecessary)

If you need best please ask QUESTIONS…!!!

Password to open PDF is “uspuspusp

Learn Regular Expressions!!

Click Here to test your regular expression on line… Unleash the REGEX

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